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Bucharest Fountains in the Unirii Square is one of the best attractions of the city

The Urban Fountains located in Unirii Square in Bucharest have been recognized, approved and catalogued by the World Record Academy as ”The longest string of synchronized choreographed fountains in the world”, announced Apa Nova.

The international recognition from the World Record Academy comes a year after the launch of the water, music and light show ”Water Symphony”, which takes place every weekend in the centre of the capital. To date, 70 “Water Symphony” shows have been held, attended by more than 219,000 tourists and locals.

The fountains in Bucharest’s Unirii Square, reopened in 2018 after an extensive rehabilitation process implemented by Apa Nova, based on the obligations assumed in the concession contract with the City Hall, are the first urban fountains to benefit from state-of-the-art equipment and technology at European level. Since the reconfiguration, the fountains at Unirii Square have become one of the city’s most important points of attraction, and the 70 Water Symphony shows held so far have delighted over 219,000 tourists and locals present in Bucharest on weekends.

The fountains in Unirii Square, built at the end of the 1980s, are one of the longest such systems in the world (1.4 km), with a water surface of 16,200 m², unique in the way they are arranged in the centre of the capital. In 2018, internationally renowned companies, architects, museographers, specialists in water entertainment and audio video design were part of the project team.

The urban fountains in Unirii Square offer a choice of shows running from Friday to Sunday until the end of October. They have different themes, with selected songs complementing the magic created by the play of water and lights. The 2018 shows have been designed to take visitors on a journey through 7 worlds that speak of Romania – the world of water, fire, earth, air, the plant world and the Centenary world, all prefaced by the astral world.


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Last modified: November 28, 2022

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